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Top 5 Reasons To Include A Flower Wall As Part Of Your Event

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Make a statement. The best thing about flower walls is that they’re versatile. You can use them for several different purposes, and they will always make an impression on your guests. Are you wondering how you should utilize a flower wall rental for your next event? We’re giving you our best ideas in this guide, so keep reading.

Create Focus

Floral walls provide a focal point to anchor the guest or guests of honor and/or the speakers at the event. They draw, and keep, the attendees’ attention on the main aspects of the occasion, whether it spotlights the bride and groom or keeps all eyes on a corporate speaker. Silk flower walls add a punch to any décor. Roses, for instance, visually add the elements of elegance, romance and femininity. Meanwhile, boxwood sets the stage for a modern, crisp décor. With the array of floral and greenery choices available, choosing a floral wall will have an impact on the aesthetics of your event.

Great photos

Whether flowers or greenery, floral walls provide an instant backdrop for pictures – creating photos you’ll want to share on social media and with family, friends and colleagues. They add a sleek and professional look for pictures to treasure.


Floral walls can be a great starting point for event planning. Choosing colors, flowers and fabrics that reflect the host’s personality can be daunting. A floral wall, because of its sheer size and prominent presence, can serve as a jumping-off point for determining how the overall décor will come together. Anchor your event with a flower wall and the rest will fall into place with more ease.

Peace of mind

Floral walls are a must-have for any event where photos will be taken. Have peace of mind about the weather on your wedding day by renting a floral wall. Whether or not the weather is in your favor, floral walls provide a great alternative or complement to outdoor photographs.

Define A Party Activity Or Space

All great event planners will tell you that an event has to have a natural flow. To keep guests moving and entertained, you need to masterfully guide them to each space and activity during your event. An easy way to do that is to highlight your spaces with décor.

For example, you can place the flower wall behind the gift table, bar, cake table, party favors, or place card table. If there’s a pivotal part of the event that you don’t want your guests to miss, dressing it up with a flower wall is the best way to make it stand out.

If your venue is an open concept all-purpose space, using flower wall backdrops is a great way to create a definition and make it more visually interesting. For weddings, you can use it to help differentiate the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception spaces.

Book A Flower Wall Rental For Your Next Event Today

Hopefully, this guide gave you some inspiration on how you can use a flower wall rental at your next event. From how you use them to how you decorate them, the options are truly endless.

Check out our floral backdrop walls so you can find the perfect one for your event. They make a striking statement wherever they are installed, and they can serve a great functional purpose for your event.

For any booking questions, feel free to contact us today.

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