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Silk Flower Walls & Party Décor Are Our Jam

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Let's Talk About Flower Walls!

If you’re looking for modern, bloom-filled aesthetics for your party, wedding, or corporate event … You’ve found your happy place!

If you’ve been on Instagram, ever, you know exactly what we mean by flower walls— lush greenery, artistically-styled blooms, custom signage—all working together to create the perfect photo-moment frame at an event, premier, or branded space. Flower walls are custom-designed statement pieces built for businesses, brands, and individuals looking to inject vibrancy, style, and personality into their big moments. They’re growing in popularity, replacing “step and repeat” banners, and popping up alongside the floral installations that are sweeping the 2021 summer scene.

Why use a Flower Wall?

Flower walls are used for a lot of reasons, but most can be summed up by crafting an eye-catching feature designed to draw attention, create a mood, or make a statement. These pieces can be found at weddings, product releases, high-profile events, in corporate spaces or at popular restaurants, shops, or venues. Flower walls can also be branded with everything from logos, to slogans, and last names, or plaque-style signage.

Make it unforgettable!

Vamp up your flower wall with one-of-a-kind photo booth experience! Our flower walls are full of love, light, and smiles. Who wouldn’t want to pose in front of such a gorgeous backdrop? If you’re renting a photo booth for your event, a flower wall is a fun textured backdrop that will make the booth stand out even more. Plus, if you’re using florals and greenery as part of the décor at your event, the flower wall will match perfectly. Flower wall photo backdrops are great for romantic events like weddings and bridal showers, and they are eye-catching at corporate events or conferences, such as a conference for female entrepreneurs. Plus, renting a photo booth for your event is a great way to give your guests a fun activity, and you can use the photos for your guestbook.

Create A Gorgeous Sweetheart Table Backdrop

If you’re planning a wedding, have you decided whether you want a sweetheart table or a long head table? Sweetheart tables have risen in popularity in the wedding industry because they are a great way to highlight the wedding couple, and it gives them a moment to themselves on the big day. We’ve seen some gorgeous sweetheart table setups at weddings recently, and we think our new flower wall would make an incredible backdrop for one. You can dress it up with custom signage, like your last name or a wedding-themed quote like “happily ever after.” You can also add more flowers and greenery to match your table arrangements. A flower wall backdrop for your sweetheart table adds romance to your wedding reception, and it makes for gorgeous photos.

Guide Guests Into Your Event With An Entryway Flower Wall

Does your venue require some signage to point your guests in the right direction? Do you want to create breathtaking entryway décor to welcome guests to your event? A flower wall rental is a perfect solution.

Using a flower wall in the entryway of your event space is a great way to let guests know they’re in the right place. You can decorate it with a welcome sign and a photo of the wedding couple, birthday girl, or guest of honor. You can also set up your guestbook table in front of the flower wall to give guests an activity to do before the event begins. You can let your creativity run wild with a gorgeous entryway installation. When you use a flower wall as part of the decor, it will wow your guests right away, welcome them in, and help guide them to the right place.

Create A Breathtaking Wedding Altar Backdrop

Say “I do” in front of a breathtaking flower wall when you use it as a backdrop for your altar. This is a perfect option for indoor weddings that need more inspiration for the ceremony decor. Our flower wall rental makes for amazing ceremony photos, and you can use it as a backdrop for family and bridal party photos at the altar as well. You can dress up the flower altar with greenery, drapery, lights, or a sign. A gorgeous rug will complete the look and make for a jaw-dropping ceremony.

Book A Flower Wall Rental For Your Next Event Today

Hopefully, this guide gave you some inspiration on how you can use a flower wall rental at your next event. From how you use them to how you decorate them, the options are truly endless.

Check out our floral backdrop walls so you can find the perfect one for your event. They make a striking statement wherever they are installed, and they can serve a great functional purpose for your event.

For any booking questions, feel free to contact us today.

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